Milestones and Timeline

These are the key dates.  Mainly for our own purposes but useful for those who want a gauge of how long the building process takes - even with a volume builder.

The colours are of the font are black, blue and green.  
Black is just general information
Blue is when Sekisui House do something
Green is when we do something as part of the build

1 January 2013 View house ad seriously
3 January 2013 View house with real estate agent
3 January 2013 Get a copy of the contract from agent
5 January 2013 Nigel comes and views property with us
9 January 2013 Offer for house (this is rejected)
15 January 2013 Verbal offer accepted
18 January 2013 Building inspection report is returned with a horrible result 
22 January 2013 We drop in the deposit after negotiating $$ due to termite issues
6 March 2013 Settlement
16 March 2013 Move in day (a day of dramas!)
Late April 2013 Meet up with Architects on-site
End May to November 2013 Explore an architectural designed house with Charles
October 2013 Display Home visits (Masterton, Sekisui House as well as others)
October 2013 Estimate for Sekisui House Sade
11 November 2013 Pay $1000 for tender to be drawn up with Sekisui House
18 December 2013 NHP1 (New House Proposed drawings version 1?) Received.  Not at all what we'd go with as there are heaps of Drop Edge Beams and the Finished Floor level would be below what we have now!
10 January 2014 Neil from Redwood for sales consultation (never gotten back to us)
11 January 2014 Rob (Peakhurst) for sales consultation (was waiting on more final plans)
16 January 2014 Plans are again with Sekisui House drafting -- this time with Bearer and Joist construction 
17 January 2014 Chat to Matt from Rossmark over phone and make appt for 6 February 2014
25 January 2014 Walk through display homes to look at colour combinations and pick up updated drawings from Sekisui (NHP2)
1 February 2014 Appointment with Colour Consultant to walk through options
6 February 2014 Chat to Matt from Rossmark and he gives fantastic advice and basically says he can't do anything near the price so we just pick his brain for which windows, doors, what he would change on the Sekisui house design.
15 February 2014 Visit Stegbar and Beaumont Tiles showrooms
16 February 2014 Walkthrough Pricing Proposal with Sekisui House
16 February 2014 Give go ahead to Sekisui House to proceed to Contract!
1 March 2014 Dan from Life Outside Appointment re landscaping
3 March 2014 Colour Consultation/Appointment (postponed)
5 March 2014 Colour Consultation/Appointment 
12 March 2014 AAAGS come out to assess for demolition
16 March 2014 Contract Review with Sekisui House
23 March 2014 Contract Signed
27 March 2014 State Demolition come out to assess for demolition 
2 April 2014 Action Demolition come out to assess for demolition
5 April 2014 Email to AAAGS telling them they have the gig.. and to let us know next steps
5 April 2014 Send all the Owner Responsibility docs to Sekisui House (Stat Dec on Funds to complete.  Previously have sent the proof of ownership)
6 April 2014 Do Sekisui House know what's in their inclusions?  No.  Dishwasher was a 45cm spec and drawn as a 60cm one 
6 May 2014 Setbacks changed... needed to change garage to be longer (also increased study size too) and added a privacy screen on one of the windows. (+$)
12 May 2014 We submit CDC Application for demolition
27 May 2014 We finally approve plans but looks like BASIX certificate needs to be re-done due to flooring
30 May 2014 Sekisui House submit CDC Application
10 June 2014 AAAGS tell us they can no longer do demolition
13 June 2014 We appoint Home Demolitions for the demolition work
20 June 2014 We find out that we need to pay $1500 for the Optus conduit due to changes in power pole requirements (+$)
24 June 2014 Demolition work has 'started' with a fence put up and a sign
1 July 2014 Bulk of demolition Demolition Tuesday (see timelapse)
1 July 2014 CDC for house build issued
15 July 2014 Clearance Certificate issued
17 July 2014 Resubmit CDC to Council 
30 July 2014 ACC (20 days countdown!)
16 August 2014 Tile selection at Di Lorenzo (+$)
22 August 2014 Meet with Steve Batley on site (landscaping)
25 August 2014 Site costs increase due to now needing fill (+$)
Week 1
27 August 2014 We have an on site Customer service person
27 August 2014 First chat to BB our Site Supervisor
27 August 2014 Construction was meant to start (claiming rain)
Week 2
4 September 2014 Concrete booked in
End August to mid September 2014 A lot of rain in this period
Week 3
14 September 2014 Portaloo
12 -15 September 2014 Fill importing and formation
Week 4
22 September 2014 Siltation Fence
Week 5
26 September 2014 Piering with our temp Site Supervisor SC Video
Week 6
7 October 2014 Waffle pods placed and formwork Post
Week 7
8 October 2014 Some Surveyors/Certifiers checked site
9 October 2014 Concrete slab Video Post 
14 October 2014 Plumbing /Sewer work
Week 8
21 October 2014 Bricks (for piering) delivered
Week 9
22 October 2014 Brick pier work started Post

Week 12
12 November 2014 Brick floor level completed Post

Week 13
17 November 2014 Services work (gas, plumbing, electrical)
19 November 2014 Frames delivered! Post
20 November 2014 Bearers and joists delivered Post
21 November 2014 Bearers and joists installed Post
22 November 2014 (Saturday) Plumber (?) out to do some work on the services trench

Week 14 (Post)
24 November 2014 Floors down Post
25 November 2014 Wall frames up for the most part Post
26 November 2014 Roof frames up for the most part Post
26 November 2014 Invoice Claim (Base Complete)
27 November 2014 Framing completed
28 November 2014 Doors delivered Post
28 November 2014 Windows delivered.  Doors and Windows installed (by 9.30am!) Post

Week 15
1 December 2014 Bobcat removes some of the site rubbish.  Doh didn't get to tell them we'd like to keep the rock!
2 December 2014 Plumber rough in
3 December 2014 More plumber rough in
4 December 2014 Brick delivery

Week 16
8 December 2014 Brickwork again - restart

Week 17
17 December 2014 Invoice claim (Frame complete)
19 December 2014 Checkpoint: Brickwork halfway, scaffolding at rear of building Post

Xmas break for 5 weeks!!!
Also have some claim letters for more wet site, rain etc.  I don't even want to add them up anymore!

Week 18 (?)
13 January 2015 Delivery of Fascia and gutters
14 January 2015 Installation of fascia and gutters Post

Week 19
19 January 2015 Brickwork starts again... Post 
24 January 2014 Bricking finishes Post 

Week 20
26 January 2015 Public Holiday
29 January 2015 Roof started Post
30 January 2015 Roof finished Post

Week 21
2 February 2015 Roof safety rail removed
3 February 2015 Brick cleaning
5 February 2015 Eaves being installed Post
During this week we also organise a heap of "extras" Post (+$)

Week 22
9 February 2015 Site Supervisor meeting on site (pre frame inspection)
9 February 2015 Electrical rough in
9 February 2015 Security and cables rough in
11 February 2015 Insulation installation
11 February 2015 Draft of front garden Post
12 February 2015 Air conditioning rough in 

Week 23
16 February 2015 Plasterboard (ceiling, walls) Post
17 February 2015 Plasterboard and plastering
18 February 2015 Cabinet delivery and more plastering
19 February 2015 Installation of cabinets and waterproofing
19 February 2015 Draft of courtyard garden
20 February 2015 Cornices started

Week 24
23 February 2015 Caesarstone measured up
23 February 2015 Invoice for tiling
24 February 2015 Cornices going in Post
25 February 2015 Carpenter (aka "The Fixer") on site (skirtings, architraves)
25 February 2015 Invoice for enclose stage
26 February 2015 Holes for switches and lights started, more architraves etc, Laundry tub delivered, safety scaffolding removed

Week 25
2 March 2015 Underfloor heating installed, Tiles delivered 
7 March 2015 Tiling for floors done, external painting Post

Week 26
9 March 2015 Bathroom tiling completed Post
11 March 2015 "The Fixer" finished work
12 March 2015 Benchtops and Sinks installed Post
13 March 2015 Interior Painting started Post
14 March 2015 Carpet shopping Post

Week 27
16 March 2015 Interior painting

Week 28
23 March 2015 Walkthrough with the Site Supervisor Post (told today there is 5 weeks to go!)
23 March 2015 Invoice for Fixing completion Post
24 March 2015 Optus ordered Post
26 March 2015 Doors painted, downpipes installed Post
27 March 2015 Garage door installed Post

Week 29
2 April 2015 Rainwater tank installed, mirrors installed, shower screens installed

Week 30
7 April 2015 Painting finished
7 April 2015 Bloody huge variation (BV03) received for $18500 which we did not sign Post
8 April 2015 Plumber has been by and appliances delivered
10 April 2015 Appliances installed, tapware installed, air conditioning installed 

Week 31
14 April 2015 Insulation being 'fixed'
15 April 2015 Trench investigations
16 April 2015 Floors being sanded and leveled Post
17 April 2015 Draught excluder added

Week 32
20 April 2015 SH hands site over to us for trench work Post (about the reason for the trench work)
21 April 2015 Meant to be trench work so Rock saw delivered.  But we got rained out!
23 April 2015 Sunshine means trench work started
24 April 2015 More trench work Post

Week 33
This would have been the 5 weeks to go mark... 
26 April 2015 (Sunday) pick up new doggie friend (Pepper)
27 April 2015 Majority of trench work completed
28 April 2015 Top of driveway knocked off, Power (services) added into trench as well as some telco conduit (no draw wire so assume that's the Telstra lead in)
29 April 2015 Services put into trench - gas, water Post
29 April 2015 Site handed back to Sekisui
1 May 2015 Contacted by New Energy Connections about getting gas installed.  Completed form for AGL connection
2 May 2015 Expansion gap fix

Week 34
4 May 2015 Not much happening... sound of crickets
7 May 2015 Portaloo taken away...
8 May 2015 Meet with Jacksons Natureworks (Landscapers) to get a quote
8 May 2015 Stairs (laundry to ground) getting installed and indoor cleaning happening!  Post (will need to scroll down)
9 May 2015 (Saturday) Purchased curtains from IKEA Post (same as above post)

Week 35
11 May 2015 Stairs work finished
11 May 2015 Called New Energy Connections to see if they can hurry the gas connection along :)
12 May 2015 Rec'd and paid for Plumbing invoice.  They charged us more than quoted for extra tap but we can't be bothered chasing that one down.  Paid $995.50 for dropping in water to an existing trench. $
12 May 2015 Waiting for a handover date ... but SS sent a text saying he's sick and waiting on a gas and electricity date
12 May 2015 Got a variation (BV04) for $2563 for Optus conduit and rock which was supposedly dug out in Nov/Dec.  Grrrr.  We are questioning it. Post
15 May 2015 Site clearing (rubbish removal)
15 May 2015 Bricks being cleaned
16 May 2015 (Saturday) Deposit for carpet paid ($1500) and measure booked in.  Type of Incizo determined.  The carpet installation may not happen till 9th June... by which time we should have done the majority of the floors.

Week 36
18 May 2015 CSO/Colour consultant called for confirmation of the stairs colour (Urban Grey was decided after some to'ing and fro'ing)
18 May 2015 AGL confirm gas application
19 May 2015 Get the email from Sekisui House about the Presentation Day being 2nd June!
21 May 2015 Power is connected.  Flyscreens installed.
22 May 2015 SS is on site for 30-40 minutes... Glass truck has been by too 
23 May 2015 (Saturday) Concrete Quotes from Double D Concrete and Azcrete.  (Post)

Week 37
26 May 2015 6.30am SS and Building inspection
26 May 2015 Painting touch up

Week 38
1 June 2015 Buy fridge from IKEA; Bank cheque organised
2 June 2015 Presentation Day and Handover day ($); Fridge "delivered"
3 June 2015 Carpet measured up; Optus internet installed
4 June 2015 Floorboards delivered; Home theatre chairs delivered

Post hand over milestones
6 August 2015 Start of earthworks for the driveway (and to some extent the front yard landscaping)